What the hub is

The National Biosecurity Training Hub was established in response to rising pressures on Australia’s biosecurity system with concurrent responses to animal, aquatic, environmental, plant and natural disaster incidents across the country driving the need to build and support biosecurity preparedness and response capacity and capability.

Created to address the need for a centralised, coordinated approach to national biosecurity training, the Hub provides a national repository of online biosecurity training for industry, government and community, connecting biosecurity training providers across Australia.

Why it matters

Biosecurity equals food security. Without a strong biosecurity system, our economy and our Australian way of life will diminish.

Australia’s biosecurity system plays a critical role in maintaining a strong agricultural sector however it continually needs to be strengthened to ensure it is resilient and evolves to account for emerging risks. Every year a large portion of agricultural products are lost to damage caused by pests and diseases.

The National Biosecurity Strategy recognises a strong biosecurity system is a shared responsibility that delivers shared benefits to all. The Hub provides a consolidated, contemporary library of biosecurity training to anyone who works in the area of biosecurity to boost their biosecurity knowledge.


Boosting biosecurity capacity

Coordinate contemporary biosecurity-related training

Increase efficiencies and reduce duplication of effort and investment.

Provide a centralised, accessible biosecurity training library

Enhance access to and visibility of courses available.

Maximise promotion of online biosecurity training

Increase awareness of available resources, uptake of training and Hub support.

At a glance

Choose from a broad range of biosecurity training.

Courses offered

Participating organisations


What the participants are saying


Northern Territory Government

"I found the Plant Biosecurity in Australia course very informative and relevant to my job. I understand my role in biosecurity, the current plant biosecurity system and the mechanisms in place to deal with emergency plant pest responses."



"I highly recommend the Hitchhiker course to anyone who works in the supply chain. This course gave me the tools to recognise hitchhiker pests and how to report suspicious pests without being a pest expert."

Jessica Lye

Citrus Australia

"Completing the Industry Liaison Officer online course gave me foundational knowledge which I put into practice in the face-to-face workshop - freeing up time for in-depth discussions about what it means to be an ILO."