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Plant Health Australia’s Growers Pest Reporting and Responses Biosecurity Online Training (BOLT) course is a free resource for growers, farm managers and farm workers to learn more about plant biosecurity, helping growers protect their production systems and livelihood by implementing biosecurity systems and processes on-farm. This course provides valuable insights into biosecurity practices for protecting crops and will help to better understand reporting and responding to plant pests in Australia.

Participants will learn more about:

  • the benefits of biosecurity
  • possible impacts of pests
  • biosecurity practices that can protect crops
  • steps to take if you spot anything unusual
  • joint response from government and industry to a pest.

To complete the Growers Pest Reporting and Responses BOLT course or explore other free eLearning courses related to biosecurity and emergency plant pest and disease preparedness, log into PHA’s eLearning platform.

Feel free to spread the word about this free resource to other industry members and staff and help make biosecurity an everyday practice.

For any questions or feedback on the courses, please email the PHA training team at [email protected]