Thanks to a secure process connecting PHA and New South Wales’ Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) online learning platforms, accessing PHA’s e-learning courses has been made easier for biosecurity emergency management staff.

NSW DPI and PHA have signed an agreement for NSW DPI’s learning platform, EMTrain, to link with PHA’s Biosecurity Online Training (BOLT) platform through Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI) functionality.

EMTrain users can now enrol and complete certain BOLT courses directly through their EMTrain profile without having to create a separate login for BOLT. The integration simplifies the learning process for NSW DPI’s biosecurity response staff, as completing some BOLT courses is a prerequisite for those involved in response activities.  This new process allows users to keep their learning history in one place, making it easier to coordinate appropriately trained staff in the event of a biosecurity response.

Plant Biosecurity in Australia is the first course to be accessed through the LTI process. This foundational course provides an overview of the Australian biosecurity system and how emergency responses to plant pests are managed under the Emergency Plant Pest Response Deed. Other PHA courses will be accessible through EMTrain in the coming months.

The use of LTI technology has shown to be an excellent way for PHA and NSW DPI to increase audience reach for biosecurity courses, as well as make it easier for users to complete biosecurity training. As the need for biosecurity preparedness, response capacity, and capability increases across Australia, leveraging technology like LTI, is an opportunity for organisations to collaborate, reduce duplication and create a more efficient and effective e-learning ecosystem.

To find out more about partnering with PHA and leveraging LTI functionality, contact the PHA training team via email at [email protected].

Visit the BOLT catalogue to access free PHA e-learning courses, or for more biosecurity courses available across Australia, explore the National Biosecurity Training Hub.

* Image supplied by NSW DPI