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Would you know how to protect your chickens if there was an avian influenza outbreak? Agriculture Victoria delivered a webinar for poultry owners to learn about the important actions you can take to protect your poultry.

Although there haven’t been any detections of high pathogenic avian influenza in Victoria since 2020, Australia is currently facing an increased risk. All poultry owners play a crucial role in preparing and keeping their birds safe.

The webinar was presented by Dr Rachel Gibney, Senior Veterinary Officer – Emergency Animal Disease, Dr Megan Scott, Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer – Epidemiology & Risk (Acting) and Dr Julie Simons, Director – Biosecurity Strategy. Topics included a global and regional update on highly pathogenic avian influenza; avian influenza response overview and practical preparedness; and an overview of Agriculture Victoria’s emergency animal disease preparedness program.

Watch the recording (Passcode:  mDFKG!)