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About the course

The purpose of this course is to inform learners about how EAD responses are managed in Australia, and to give a foundation for further training in EAD response functions.

Inform about how emergency animal disease responses are managed in Australia, and give a foundation for further training in emergency animal disease response functions.

What you’ll learn

The EAD foundation course is recommended for producers, veterinarians, veterinary and animal science students, livestock industry and government personnel, and individuals who may be involved in an EAD response; however, it is publicly accessible and open to anyone with an interest in EAD response arrangements.

This course takes approximately 2 hours to complete.

Course content

Part 1 covers:

  • EAD awareness
  • Australia’s EAD response arrangements, including the Emergency Animal Disease Response Agreement (EADRA)
  • Australian Veterinary Emergency Plan (AUSVETPLAN)
  • phases of an EAD response.

Part 2 covers:

  • incident management system principles
  • control and coordination centres
  • working in an EAD response
  • communication and information management in an EAD response.

Having completed the course, learners should have an understanding of:

  • the significance of EADs
  • phases of an EAD response
  • the Australian animal health system
  • the roles and responsibilities (including reporting requirements) embedded within the Australian animal health system
  • national EAD arrangements and plans.


To access this training, you will need to log in to the Biosecurity Online Training (BOLT) learning management platform. Access is free and available to anyone with an interest in biosecurity. If you are not already a member, then you will need to register and create a new account.

For help with BOLT, please contact [email protected].

delivery method

Online Virtual training conducted entirely through digital platforms, allowing participants to learn remotely.

course provided by

Animal Health Australia

Course Length

120 mins




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