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About the course

Fire ants may be small, but they can have devastating consequences on our environment, economy, human health and outdoor way of life. They can destroy crops, damage machinery, kill native flora and fauna and render backyards and parks unusable. In rare cases, fire ant stings can also lead to a severe and sometimes fatal reaction in humans.

This free, self paced short course This course will help you carefully manage fire ants or materials that can carry fire ants, such as soil, hay, mulch, animal manure, quarry materials, turf and potted plants.

What you’ll learn

Fire ants are a dangerous pest and it is important you know how to deal with them.

In this short course, you will learn about fire ants, their impacts and how to control them at your business, worksite or at home.

This course is for groundskeepers, gardeners and maintenance staff, businesses, contractors, suppliers, landscapers and community groups.

Course content

After completing this course you will know how to:

  • Identify fire ants and their nests
  • Reduce the likelihood of spreading fire ants
  • Treat fire ants.
delivery method

Online Virtual training conducted entirely through digital platforms, allowing participants to learn remotely.

course provided by

Queensland Government Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

Course Length

30 mins




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