The Australian Biosecurity Awards (ABAs), held annually, recognise and celebrate individuals, groups, and organisations committed to supporting and promoting Australia’s biosecurity and the systems that underpin it. The ABAs cover eight categories, including the Dr David Banks Biosecurity Lifetime Achievement Award, the Dr Kim Ritman Award for Science and Innovation, Farm Biosecurity Producer of the Year, Industry, Government, Environmental Biosecurity, Community, and Education.

This year, Central Queensland beef producers Brigid and Owen Price of Price Cattle Company were awarded the prestigious Farm Biosecurity Producer of the Year, jointly presented with Animal Health Australia and Plant Health Australia. The husband-and-wife duo are lauded as role models within the agricultural industry, excelling in farm biosecurity, innovation, technology, record-keeping, environmental sustainability, and business transparency.

In 2017, the Prices achieved Grazing Best Management Practice certification, assessed against over 150 international standards. As part of the certification process, they developed policies, procedures, and risk-management documents for their business and attended training days to learn the essentials of a comprehensive biosecurity management plan.

Recognising that fellow producers were often overwhelmed by biosecurity compliance, Brigid and Owen Price shared their biosecurity plan as a valuable resource for others. In 2015, Brigid created a website to provide information and resources, including biosecurity content, to help other farmers navigate the challenges of maintaining a secure and sustainable farm.

The 2022 Australian Biosecurity Awards not only honour the Prices’ dedication and hard work but also serve as an inspiration to farmers to prioritise biosecurity and sustainability in their operations. Their achievements demonstrate the importance of collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the agricultural community, contributing to the success of their farm and strengthening Australia’s overall biosecurity framework.

The recognition of Brigid and Owen Price at the ABAs showcases the power of collaboration and the impact that committed individuals can have on their industry and beyond, fostering a more resilient and prosperous agricultural sector, vital for Australia’s economy and food security.

For more information on the Australian Biosecurity Awards and this year’s winners, visit agriculture.gov.au/ABA.