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About Animal Health Australia

Animal Health Australia (AHA) is the trusted and independent national animal health body in Australia, bringing together government and industry to deliver animal health and biosecurity. AHA is a not-for-profit public company.

We have 35 member organisations spread across four membership groups:

  • Commonwealth, state and territory governments
  • livestock industries
  • associate members.

Within the framework of a not-for-profit company, AHA manages more than 50 national programs that improve animal and associated human health, biosecurity, market access, livestock welfare, productivity, and food safety and quality. AHA is dedicated to advancing livestock health issues of collective interest to all who contribute to animal health in Australia. We manage national animal health programs for all, as well as some programs for a subset of members.

Animal Health Australia (AHA) hosts a variety of online courses related to emergency animal disease (EAD) preparedness, arrangements and biosecurity. While some of these courses have been developed by AHA, some have also been developed by AHA’s member organisations.


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